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Baia dei Coralli Campsite Regulations



The Campsite regulations it is set up to guarantee a civilian for all, peaceful and peaceful use of the structure.

Entering our facility is an implicit acceptance of the following regulation. All the specific indications given on the signs placed in the camping area must also be respected.

The Management reserves the right to modify these Regulations at any time, which will be displayed inside the campsite.


  1. The service granted to each user by our structure is for consideration. The balance of the season must be paid upon arrival at the facility.
  2. The camper who should receive guests, must notify the Reception in advance. Should the guest stay longer than one hour, the amount required by the administration will have to be paid. Rates are per day regardless of the time of entry. The guests, whose entry will not be communicated to the Management, they will be removed from the structure and reported to the competent authorities.
  3. Upon arrival, guests must hand over their documents to the reception. The management at its sole discretion, may not accept guests. They are not allowed inside the structure, their cars.


  1. In the timetables 14:00-16:00 e 00:00-07:00 any noise that could disturb the rest of the guests is prohibited, including a high tone of voice. The use of radio and television is allowed with extreme moderation in full compliance with the time of silence. The use of musical instruments on the pitch is prohibited.
  2. Parents are responsible for their minor children and minors in any capacity under their protection pursuant to art. 2048 c.c., therefore they must supervise them so that they do not disturb other campers and do not cause damage to the campsite.
  3. With permission, cars can move at walking pace (5km per hour) for a single unloading operation on arrival and for a loading operation on departure or for service to disabled people.
  4. Each single group of campers is allowed to bring in only one car and one moped.
  5. It is absolutely forbidden to circulate with any motor vehicle

(including mopeds) inside the structure . Circulation is allowed only to handicapped people with their own means.

  1. The Guard and Security personnel appointed by the Management and provided with appropriate recognition are required to enforce the Regulations against anyone.
  2. Access to any type of boat is prohibited.
  3. Each camper is required, for the entire duration of their stay at the facility, to provide for the cleaning and hygiene of the station assigned to him, paying particular attention to the care of the area below your caravan.
  4. In case of serious natural events, the Customer is obliged to provide for the removal of his vehicle, except for the urgency of the situation and / or the customer's inertia, the intervention of the staff of the structure is necessary.
  5. Each camper is required to keep the objects of his property. The Management will not be responsible for any loss, shortages, theft or damage, not avoidable with the use of ordinary diligence pursuant to art. 1176 c.c.


  1. Seasonal customers are obliged at the end of the season to free the bathrooms supplied from any object that can hinder both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the toilets. Failing this, the Management will provide autonomously and without any prior notice, to free all bathrooms that do not respect this indication. The Management will not be liable for any shortages or damages deriving from this operation.
  2. The electrical connection is allowed only within the voltage limits ( 600 W ) prepared in the system. It is absolutely forbidden to open the doors, tamper with or modify the electrical connection columns, under penalty of immediate expulsion from the campsite and reporting to the competent authorities.
  3. Seasonal workers must refrain from making fences or screens for safety reasons, fixed artifacts of any kind within the pitches. It is therefore mandatory to leave an adequate safety space free ( in case of emergency) between one location and another (between one caravan and another). Furthermore, the Management will not be liable for any damage to property and / or people caused by structures and coverings of any nature carried out arbitrarily by customers., except for those mounted by the Management itself ( sunshade net ). The execution of any work or structure performed at the location, must be previously authorized by the Management. Any work performed in the absence of specific authorization, it can be removed at any time without notice.
  4. By law it is absolutely forbidden to connect the drainage pipes and sinks of the caravan.


  1. It is forbidden to light fires. The Management only authorizes the use of small barbecues certified and compliant with current EU regulations. In addition, the barbecue must be constantly monitored by the user. It is absolutely forbidden to light fires on windy days. Therefore, in the event of damage to people and / or things caused by the lighting of the aforementioned fires, the Management of the structure will be free from any liability.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to cut and / or damage plants, shrubs, or even just branches of existing vegetation, drive nails, throw hot water close to them or pour detergents into the ground.
  3. The waste must be collected in bags and deposited tightly closed in the special containers located outside the campsite. In this regard, it is specified that it is strictly forbidden to keep waste in one's own pitch or to deposit it in an unsuitable place..
  4. At any time, the management staff can carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work inside the pitch without prior notice.





Animal keeping regulations

from 15/07 al 31/08

  1. Animals must be kept exclusively within the confines of their pitch, maintaining the latter and, the animal itself ,under appropriate hygienic conditions.
  1. The owners are responsible for any disturbing acts of their animals towards other guests of the campsite, and also for any damage caused by them pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 2052 c.c.
  1. For the physiological needs of animals, owners must go

outside the facility and lead your pet on a leash and with a muzzle on the way between your pitch and the exit of the campsite.

  1. It is mandatory to bring the health certification and the animal's identification document to the management.
  1. It is forbidden to introduce dog breeds considered "socially dangerous" into the facility.
  1. In case of violation of the aforementioned rules, the direction, in spite of himself, will oblige the owner to remove the animal.