Solemare S.r.l.

Anticovid security measures

Security measures for access and stay at the "Baia dei Coralli" campsite


This facility will allow access and stay under the following conditions:


Upon arrival, all patrons must be regularly registered and registered. It is necessary, therefore, that each component, even if minor, is in possession of a valid identification document.

For the contrast and containment of the spread of COVID – 19, it is mandatory for anyone who enters the campsite to obtain the health self-certification available and downloadable also at this address, at each access to the facility, the temperature will be checked using the thermoscanner and if it is higher than 37.5 °, access and / or stay at the campsite will not be allowed.

The structure will provide each customer with a bracelet, which must always be worn while staying at the campsite, as well as a car pass to the conductor of the same.

The property will continue to offer the following services: bar, tobaccos, pizzeria, pool, market, animation, sport facilities . (EXCEPT FOR NEW GOVERNMENTAL PROVISIONS)




How to behave inside the campsite:

Put on the mask

Wash your hands frequently

Keep your distance at least 1 metro

Sneezing and coughing in the elbow

Don't touch your face